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Complete system functionality
After using LINGXING ERP, we realized efficient collaboration between multiple departments and saved 50% communication time. In terms of material purchases and management, it provides data management.
Complete system functions
LINGXING is more suited to Amazon merchants in terms of functionality. The service works well for software consultants, after-sales, and implementation follow-up throughout the process.
Financial management
In terms of financial management, it comprises many ready-made reports, such as profit reports and performance reports, and supports saving data sorting by at least 80%.
Increase efficiency by 35%
LINGXING ERP has always been our trusted partner, especially in terms of advanced data security and efficient data processing. It is capable of dividing different permissions to allow corresponding persons in charge to view relevant data.
Supply chain management
LINGXING ERP integrates all the process data of the supply chain. Compared with the previous data analysis of different modules conducted one by one, it is 80% more time-efficient.
Operation management efficiency increased by 50%
Whenever we have any questions, LINGXING ERP implementation team respond quickly within 5 minutes, helping us achieve more than 50% improvement in operation efficiency.
Delicacy management to achieve efficient business operation
After cooperating with LINGXING, Topology has greatly improved the overall efficiency of the company. The efficiency improvement brought by data integration is the most intuitive.
Financial management
For companies with a large number of stores and orders, LINGXING ERP can clearly and systematically manage and monitor products and improve operation efficiency by over 50%.
Accurate profit accounting, personnel profit situation is clear at a glance
We must give a thumbs up to the cost classification function of LINGXING, which not only helps operators to manually attribute each cost to the corresponding ASIN.The profit of each ASIN can be known more accurately.
Cooperation customer case