Comparison of LINGXING ERP Versions

Each version contains complete system functions and customer service.

60 days 

We offer 60-day refund policy without reason


Consulting, implementation, and after-sales services

15 days

Update iteration takes an average of 15 days

Recognized By More Than 500,000 Merchants


01. How much does it cost to use LINGXING ERP?
02. What's the difference between the free version and the recharge version?
03. How can I apply for the free version?
04. How do I purchase a LINGXING ERP recharge version or annual version?
05. Is data stored on LINGXING ERP secure?
06. Do I need to pay for subsequent training and services after purchasing LINGXING ERP?
07. Can I apply for a refund after purchasing LINGXING ERP?
08. How can I recharge based on order quantity?
09. What are the benefits of ERP for merchants?
10. What kind of merchants is LINGXING ERP suitable for?
11. Will the use of LINGXING ERP with multiple stores lead to association?
12. Can we use LINGXING ERP in the absence of programmers or developers?
13. How is LINGXING ERP different from other ERP/tools-based software?
14. Compared with other ERPs in the market, LINGXING ERP has the following advantages:
Product FAQ
15. Does your system support integration with Kingdee?
16. Does your system support FBM?
17. Can I print commodity labels, shipping marks, etc. in the system?
18. Does your system support transshipments in overseas warehouses?
19. Does your system have an app or mini program?